Door Hanger Template Canva (21+ Online Editable Designs)

Door Hanger Templates are a great way to get your message in front of potential customers, and they’re easy to create with Canva. In this blog post, we’ll provide 21+ online templates that you can use to create your door hangers. We’ll also provide tips on how to design and print your door hangers. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating today!

Door Hanger Template Canva

1. Pressure Washing Door Hanger Template Design

“The color of this door hanger is eye-catching. The first part shows the pre-service and post-service differences that prefer their service quality. Also, the back part displays their other services.”

washing canva template

2. Real Estate Door Hanger Template Canva

“This template has a professional feel. The back part provides several images of different homes so that you can pick your dream house. You can use it to enhance your real estate business or to sell your house quickly.”

real state door hanger

3. Snow Removal Service Door Hanger Canva Template

A snow removal service is important because it clears roads and walkways, saving time for businesspeople and decreasing the risk of road accidents.

snow removal service template

4. Solar Roofing Door Hanger Canva Template

“The first part of this door hanger uses a catchy phrase, while the back section highlights the benefits of using solar power with your solar system. This can be utilized for promoting your solar business.”

solar roofing canva design

5. Just Sold Canva Door Hanger Template Format

Online editable just sold Canva door hanger design template. 4.25×11 inch door hanger size.

just sold design

6. Auto Detailing Pricing Door Hanger Canva

The first section provides information on the BASIC wash package. The flip side of the hanger shows details of DELUXE & SPECIAL wash packages, enabling customers to be aware of the prices.

car wash prizelist

7. Wash Club Canva Door Hanger Design

The design features a white-colored car graphic, text fields for your business name and tagline, and a customizable list of services you offer.

car wash service design

8. Barbershop Design Canva Door Hanger

The design features bold text highlighting your shop’s services and a unique graphic that represents the uniqueness of your shop. It is easy to hang on any door or surface, making it a great tool to use on a slow day or during a special event.

hair saloon canva template

9. Cleaning Service Canva Door Hanger Design

The door hanger has blue, white, and light blue colors. To make this template eye-catching, we used a picture of a home. The back part shows a 20% discount for first-time service takers.

home cleaning door hanger

10. Selling A House Canva Door Hanger Format

The Selling A House Real Estate Door Hanger Template is inexpensive and easy to use. It’s perfect for agents who want to make a good impression in their area.

house sell door hanger

11. Car Detailing Canva Door Hanger Design

This door hanger contains a simple typographic design. The first part of this template’s heading text is in bold, and its color is blue and red. Both sides of this layout show the service price list.

car wash door hanger design

12. Gym Motivational Door Hanger Canva Format

This template works for everyone who likes fitness, even if they’ve just started or if they’re really experienced. It can help them stay motivated on their fitness journey.

motivational template design

13. Dental Canva Door Hanger Design

Our Dental Door Hanger is designed to be informative, engaging, and visually appealing, making a lasting impression on potential patients. You can add customer reviews to the back part of this template.

dentist service template

14. Private/House Tutoring Door Hanger Design

This private/house tutoring template is perfectly suitable for promoting your Business at All skill levels, All Ages, and at Low Costs.

tutoring service template

15. Dog Walking Canva Door Hanger Design

Dog Walking Door Hanger template! On the back side, you have a pricing table and a discount coupon. It’s an easy editable Canva template.

canva design template

16. Cleaning Service Canva Door Hanger Design

The door hanger contains blue and white colors. This template is for soft washing moss removal and treatment service. It has also some coupon codes that you can provide offers.

home cleaning service

17. Mobile Car Wash Door Hanger Canva Format

It is a mobile car wash door hanger template. The template design is standard quality. The back part shows a huge service list that is the best of their company.

Mobile Car Wash Door Hanger Design

18. Gym Door Hanger Template Design

The Gym Door Hanger Canva Template is a customizable and durable resource that can attract new customers and promote gym events. The back side shows their Gym Catalog.

gym door hanger format

19. Open House Real Estate Door Hanger Design

This door hanger is white and is of normal quality. The Real Estate Door Hanger Template is an affordable and effective way for agents to advertise properties.

Open House Real Estate template design

20. Snow Removal Service Door Hanger Design

This door hanger looks great and is strong. Made of durable and weather-resistant material, this door hanger will withstand harsh winter weather conditions and remain intact.

Snow Removal Service Template

21. Re-Roofing Canva Door Hanger Shape

It features eye-catching design elements such as bright colors, bold fonts, and high-resolution images. Also, you can add your Shingle & Labor warranty on the back side.

Re-Roofing Door Hanger Design

22. Exterior Home Cleaning Door Hanger Design

Cleaning Services Templates is designed for exclusively corporate and small-scale companies. Also, it can be used for many purposes. It can be used for home cleaning, Window cleaning, Roof cleaning, etc.

Exterior Home Cleaning Template

23. House Cleaning Service Door Hanger Shape

Made with high-quality materials and designed with a sleek and modern layout, this template attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression on potential clients.

House Cleaning Service Door Hanger

24. Just Listed Door Hanger Template Draft

The template is completely white. The top part displays an image of a house and a current offer for homes. The second part contains information about the home, including the number of stories in the apartment building.

Just Listed Door Hanger

25. House Cleaning Door Hanger Template Design

This door hanger uses white and blue colors in its template. The first side has a QR scanner, and the back side has two special offers with a coupon code and a list of service names.

House Cleaning Door Hanger

26. Creative corporate & Business Solution DI Flyer Template

“This is a very creative picture of a flyer template. The image conveys the message effectively. This flyer template is particularly important for an insurance company. It showcases the modern design trend of marketing.”

Creative Corporate & Business Solution

27. Digital Marketing Expert DI Flyer Template

Whether you’re a freelance marketer, a digital agency, or a marketing consultant, our Digital Marketing Expert DL Flyer Template is the ideal marketing tool to help you stand out and grow your business.

Digital Marketing Expert DI Flyer

28. Plumber Service Door Hanger Template

The color of this door hanger is white and blue, and it comes with a coupon code. Additionally, you can add your service name, service time, and service offer to this simply designed template.

Plumber Service Door Hanger

29. Modern Real Estate Door Hanger Template Shape

Our Modern Real State designs template is print-ready, so just replacing content will do it all to make it print and send it to potential customers.

Modern Real Estate Template

30. IPTV Promotional Door Hanger Template Design

With the bonus of a coupon code, you can incentivize people to sign up for your service and save money at the same time.

IPTV Promotional Canva Service

31. Dental Trusted Service Door Hanger Template Design

Boost your new dental sales and attract new customers! This template has been developed to boost your Ultimate marketing strategy.

Dental Trusted Service Door Hanger

32. Plumbing Service Template Design Canva

4.25×11 inch plumbing door hanger template. On the front side, you have a discount coupon and on the back side, you have a service category.

Plumbing service Door Hanger

33. Gym Door Hanger Template Shape Canva

The first part of this door hanger includes some eye-catching sentences that advertise the gym. The second part has categories for training, a discount coupon code, and links to social media pages for registration.

Gym Door Hanger


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