How to Create a Proper Open House Sign-In Sheet

Open House Sign-in Sheet

As a realtor, one of your main goals during an open house is to collect contact information from potential homebuyers. An effective open house sign-in sheet can help you do just that. But what makes for an effective sign-in sheet? Here are a few tips: 

An Open House sign-in sheet is a crucial tool for real estate agents to track potential buyer leads and follow up with them later. It should include the following necessary information:

  1. Property Address: The address of the property being showcased
  2. Date & Time: The date and time of the open house
  3. Agent Information: The name and contact information of the hosting agent or agency
  4. Buyer Information: Fields for potential buyer’s name, phone number, email address, and zip code.
  5. Intent: A box or question asking whether the interested party is intending to sell or buy a property shortly.
  6. Comments/Notes: Additional space for guests to add comments or any additional information for the agent to follow up.

It’s important to ensure that the sheet is easy to read and fill out to ensure a higher rate of participation.

Here are some examples of proper sign-in sheets for open houses: –

1. Sign in Sheet for Open House Canva Template

sign in sheet open house

2. Canva Sign in Sheet Open House Template Model

3. Sign-in Sheet Template Model of Canva Format

4. Open House Sign-in Sheet Canva Layout

5. Printable Sign-in Sheet of Canva Layout Model


In conclusion, creating a proper open house sign-in sheet is an essential step towards successfully hosting an open house event. It enables real estate agents to collect valuable contact information of potential clients with ease and provides a platform for follow-up communication.


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