Amazing Postcard Template with Coupon Code

Postcards can help increase your business sales by 80%. You can use our customizable templates that feature coupons and discounts to make the most of your advertising campaign. The templates are available in PDF format and are designed for printing using CMYK color format. You can print them right away.

In the US, there’s a good way to promote things called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). It’s like a postcard, but you don’t need the person’s mailing address. You can choose a specific area to send it to. It’s offered by the USPS.

I made postcards that are 6 inches by 4 inches. If you want a different size, I can change it using Photoshop. I work alone and make designs for printing and ads. If you need help with your postcard designs, you can ask me.

1. Coupon Flyer / Postcard

This template has 2 color options: orange and gray. You can easily change the color with just one click. It works well for any type of business.

SALE coupon code postcard template

2. Promotional Coupon Postcard

This postcard can help promote any type of business, such as online stores, restaurants, spas, gyms, pharmacies, grocery stores, fashion shops, etc.

Colourful Postcard template with coupon code

3. Corporate Marketing Postcard Template

Our marketing solution caters to corporate businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of features and innovative strategies to help them create, launch, and manage highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Corporate Marketing Postcard Template

4. Coupon Postcard & Direct Mail EDDM Template

This postcard is a design made for Eye Vision Store, but it works for other businesses too. It has space for big pictures like customer service. It comes in two sizes: 6 by 4 inches and 9 by 6.5 inches for bigger mail.

Eye Vision Marketing Postcard

5. Restaurant Postcard Template With Coupon Code

This template is for any restaurant or fast food place, like pizza places or burger joints.

Restaurant Postal card

Customize your postcard to your liking. For design assistance, consult reliable professionals to help with your business promotion goals.

“When you choose to use templates to design and print postcards, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. Our Photoshop templates make it easy to create your custom postcards. You can download the Business Postcard Photoshop Bundle which offers the perfect sample Photoshop postcard template that will help promote your successful business. This bundle is available in Photoshop PSD format.”

Postcards aren’t just for promoting things. People also enjoy using postcards as advertisements, and it can be interesting to experiment with different sizes or shapes. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your message is easy to understand and communicates what you want to say. That should be your top priority.

Lots of people love postcards, especially pretty ones. They can help small businesses get more attention. So, it’s a good idea to use postcards in your ads.


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